Android Box Informations

 Download StbEmu from Google play store  

Open the Application 

1- go on setting    

2- go on profil    

3- click on the profil at the left of the red X   

4- go on portal setting    

5- go on portal url the first one on top 


6- change it for   

Magnum=  http://tvservice.pro:80/c/

Diablo=  http://diablo-box.me/stb/

OK2=   http://ok2.se:8000/c

OK3=   http://ok3.se:8000/c

Casper:   http://caspertv.live:8000/c/

Make sure there is no space at the end 


7- go back one page   

8- go on STB configuration   

9- go on MAC address   

10- give me the MAC address same format   

11- close the app and Reopen it    

12- not working???

Open the app and Long press the ok boton of your remote control till you have a small menu on the right of your screen an go to profil an select the profil with a green dot